Work From Home Productivity Tips

Work from home productivity tips

Working from home can help you redefine your work life balance, many people commute for one – two hours a day so this can represent a huge time saving. Working from home can give you more time, but also comes with various challenges. If you are able to find a balance with a blend of working from home and working from your workplace this can be the optimal combination for many people, or you may find working from home works best for certain projects. If you are working from home long term it’s vital to establish a good working arrangement and routine. Here are some top tips to consider any time you are working from home to achieve the best productivity and increase your wellbeing.

Have a dedicated area

If you are working from home you want to ensure you have a dedicated area as far as possible. If this is not an option you can have an area like a table or a desk that you use at set times when working from home. Declutter and avoid stacking up files and documents.

Good lighting

Ensure you have good lighting so that you can work without strain, if you are near a window and working with a device, reposition your layout and seating if possible to avoid glare and reflections.


Working from home has largely been made possible by due to the internet and modern technology. Ideally you need to ensure you have fast, secure and reliable wi-fi, and a backup plan if you have wi-fi issues. You should also consider any other technology requirements for example extension cables, printers etc. This will allow you to work efficiently.

Seating and legroom

Make sure you have comfortable seating with adequate leg room. The ideal seating would be a height adjustable chair. If you have a filing cabinet or chest of drawers this can help you to organize any paperwork so that you can find everything easily.

Get organized

Working from home requires a bit of planning and preparation, and once you are used to working from home you can reap other benefits such as not having to commute to your workplace. If you are working from home part of the week, ideally you would plan ahead so that you can hold meetings when you are in the office.

Follow a routine with a definitie finish time

Working from home can feel disorientating at first, especially if you don’t have a dedicated work area. By establishing a daily routine you can feel comfortable in your working environment.

Interact with others

A disadvantage of working from home can be the isolation and not having the face to face contact with office colleagues. Make sure you still interact with others via screen and face to face.

Get outside

Working from home means you are not commuting to your workplace, if this is only for a short period of time this would be different but if you are going to be working from home for extended periods you should ensure you are still getting some fresh air each day.

Physical activity

Physical exercise and activity is important for health and wellbeing. Finding the time for physical exercise can be easier when you are working from home as you would save time by not having to commute to work. However if you were going to the gym on your way to work or on your way home, you should still do this or find another time to go to the gym. If your workplace provides a gym to exercise in then you should find ways to continue with this activity.

Set boundaries

Avoid distractions like social media and communicate with others at home to let them know when you will be working. You want to be able to focus without constant interruptions. After a series of interruptions it is common to expect interruptions which can reduce your productivity. You should also set clear breaks and follow a similar working schedule as you would in the office.