How To Reach Your Goal

What’s your goal?
If you want to have a full time income from client work, this can be achieved with just a handful of clients. If you want to build a business and delegate tasks and management to your team, you can take on new clients each month to scale your business.

how to reach your goal - monthly recurring revenue

How many clients you need all depends on what your goal is…

Either way, as you now have a proven repeatable process, it’s just a matter of repeating this process until you have all the clients you want and need. Or to continue with the process if you want to increase your clients month on month.

This article series gives you all the steps and strategies to get all the clients you want and need as fast as possible.

Determine your goal, and how many clients you need to achieve your goal. As some services are an ongoing monthly service, you can build momentum quickly and retain clients long term through providing an excellent service.

As you take action, you will be able to determine your average closing ratio, and you can also improve this by focusing on understanding the client requirements and asking the best questions.

You can also refer to the article on Scaling and Passive Income for strategies to increase your income further.

Key Points
Decide your goal and how many clients you would like to have based on your income goal and service fees

Key Shifts
The ability to close clients can be learned and can give you income freedom
Appreciate that by learning how to close clients, you can have the ability to generate income on your own terms

Key Actions
Decide your overall goal, and translate this into how many clients you need

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