How To Make More Money Without Working Longer Hours

The key to bear in mind is how can you become a more valuable employee? How can you add more value to your organization? How can you become more productive, or add more value in some other way? 

The most efficient way to achieve this without working more hours, is to be more productive during the hours you currently work, and to work on the highest priority areas. A key shift in focus can show you how to become a lot more productive in the same amount of time or less.

Remember that it’s not possible to manage time – it’s only possible to manage the activities you do within an amount of time. This means doing the most important work first, focusing on doing the right things, rather than other activities. 

It’s about having an overview and making sure that all your work is completed to the best of your ability, in a way which is prioritised based on the most important activities. To make this easier you can make a list, preferably at the end of the day so that you can get on with the first task in the morning. 

By focusing on the most important tasks and completing them to the best of your ability, you can build momentum and make each day successful. The key to being more productive is to work on the most important tasks first, and not to put off priority tasks by replacing them with lower priority tasks or busy work.

The best way to do this is to follow the 6 steps method, which was outlined by Earl Nightingale in Lead The Field. The 6 steps method was created by an efficiency expert named Ivy Lee and is truly revolutionary. The process is to make a list of tasks which need to be done, then to re-write the list of tasks in the order of importance. The first list can have more than 6 tasks on, but when writing the second list there should be a maximum list of 6 tasks, listed in order of importance.

You should write your list at the end of the working day, ready for the start of the next working day. You can then get straight on with the first task in the morning. As you work on each task, only focus on that task and do not look at the rest of the list. Work your way through the list, and do not worry if you have not completed all the tasks in one day. You will be working at the best possible speed, and you will be completing the most important tasks first.

You will be astounded by the progress you make. People will want to know what you are doing and how. If you work in a team you can also share this method and multiply the effectiveness of your team.

You should also make time for yourself, so that you can rest and recharge and for your family and friends. Set boundaries and ensure you have time to yourself and for the things that matter to you. When you are rested and recharged you will be able to focus and achieve higher levels of performance and productivity which will lead to greater reward, more free time and peace of mind.

By making time for yourself, you can effectively recharge your energy and bring your A game when you are working. Peak performance will help you be significantly more productive and achieve your goals more quickly and easily. If you work all the time, you will have less energy and tasks will take longer to complete as you won’t be working anywhere near peak performance.

Key Points
Productivity and working on the highest priority tasks is the most important factor in becoming a more valuable employee

Key Shifts
Becoming a more valuable employee is simple when focusing on the right actions
It’s possible to earn more and have more time off
Efficient and effective performance can provide more freedom and peace of mind

Key Actions
Implement the 6 steps productivity method as created by Ivy Lee and outlined by Earl Nightingale

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