How To Make More Money Fast – Success Action Plan

We have covered many ways on how to add value to your organization. This includes becoming a more valuable employee by becoming more productive and working on the highest priority tasks.

We will now cover a Success Action Plan which can help you implement the actions so that you can become a more valuable employee.

You can start with a blank piece of paper and write down what you would like to achieve – your ideal job, career, contract and salary.

Next write down the actions you will take. We will now recap the key action you can take to become a more effective, productive and valuable employee, and we will then recap key strategies for adding value to your organization, along with guidelines on how to use the Wealth Conditioning Audio.

When thinking about your goals, it’s important to focus on building the new rather than fighting the old. Focus all your attention on building what you would like to achieve, and you will achieve success faster.

A helpful quote from Lou Tice of the Pacific Institute is to “Measure from where you want to be to where you are now, not from where you started”. This is a great quote and one which shows you that you are already closer than you think.

We covered how one of the most effective ways to become more productive is to use The 6 Steps Method developed by Ivy Lee and outlined by Earl Nightingale.

Whereby you make a list of tasks which need to be completed, then to re-write the list of tasks in the order of importance. The first list can have more than 6 tasks on, but when writing the second list there should be a maximum list of 6 tasks, listed in order of importance.

This method alone can help you make huge progress at great speed, as you are always working on the most important task at any moment in time.

We have also covered ideas and strategies for additional ways to add value to your organization. There are many strategies, but in fact you can achieve your goal simply by working more effectively and implementing the 6 Steps Method. These additional strategies are bonus ideas, and you can simply choose one idea to look at – there is no need to implement a long list of strategies as this could be overwhelming.

You should always make sure your responsibilities are fully taken care of before you start any new projects, and it’s always best to discuss ideas with your boss before spending any time on activities, especially if they are not within your remit currently. Discuss your ideas and suggestions and see if you can find a way forward. Don’t ask about a pay raise at this point, focus on increasing your value first.

Here is a quick recap of the strategies which can help you add more value to your organisation:

1 What’s working and what’s not working?
In order to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t working

2 Studying company objectives
To understand your organization’s objectives better so that you can find opportunities to improve performance.

3 Sales Opportunities
Reviewing the sales process and finding new ways to generate leads and customers.

4 Better processes
Looking at ways areas can be improved so that more leads can be generated and converted into customers, and fulfilment process improved so that the business builds the best possible reputation

5 Cost savings
Looking at ways to reduce costs so that profits can be increased

6 Reviews and referrals
Monitoring the online reviews left by customers, so that reviews can be improved and and customer referral strategies can be implemented

7 Customer feedback
Learning more from customers in order to improve the products and services offered

8 Competitor audit and analysis
Reviewing competitors to understand more about the market

9 Industry trends
Researching trends in the sector and find new opportunities to serve customers and look at other unrelated sectors for new opportunities and strategies.

10 Annual calendar
Compiling an annual calendar covering promotions, events, content planning etc in order to help with planning for the organization and provide an overview.

11 Finding better ways
Always looking for better ways, keeping note of any ideas you have and always searching for better ways to do things.

12 Kaizen
Looking for small incremental improvements across the board, to add up to big multiplied improvements over time.

13 Planning
Implementing more effective planning processes and project management

14 Analysis
Analysing current results and reviewing reasons and opportunities

15 KPIs or Key Performance Indicators
Tracking the right performance metrics and building a real time data dashboard report to help the company focus on objectives and performance, and help enhance team performance, motivation and satisfaction

16 Publishing
Looking for any opportunities for publishing and content marketing which could position the organization as the leading choice or authority while providing valuable content and information to customers

17 Becoming an entrepreneurial employee
Looking for new ways to add value based on projects or performance

18 Become bigger than your position
The starting point is to become bigger than your present role – work efficiently on the most important tasks, and do the work to the best of your ability. It takes more focus and effort – but remember it does not take any more time – and the rewards will be more than just financial

19 Study company information
Review all the company documentation, any business plans and objectives etc and look at how you can add value, talk to your boss about your ideas.

Which strategy or strategies appeal to you? Remember to start with the 6 Steps Method first, then make sure your responsibilities are fully taken care of before looking at any new strategies or projects and discussing with your management.

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Remember that by increasing your value you will also become the obvious choice for any new promotion opportunities, and you will become known as a go to person. Through increasing your value you will align yourself with a new range of opportunities while increasing your job and career satisfaction. And remember that with greater responsibility, comes greater recognition and reward.

Take the time to plan your actions to implement recommendations, and listen to your Wealth Conditioning Audio for the best results.

Thank you for reading this article series and we wish you all the very best with your work and career.