How To Make More Money And Get A Promotion Or Pay Raise

This article will show you how you can become a more valuable, influential and in demand employee. By becoming bigger than your current position, you will naturally attract new opportunities, whether this is in your current employment or a new organization. The strategies do not rely on working longer hours, or working overtime, but rather by increasing your value and working on higher level activities so that you can build your ideal lifestyle. This article series also includes free bonus resources including a free on demand video training course, and Wealth Conditioning Audio download. You can find details throughout the article series and in the resources section.

This article series covers both getting a promotion and getting a pay raise. There are no guarantees, however by becoming a more valuable employee, you can attract greater responsibility, recognition and reward. Getting an annual pay increment could be a routine exercise which may be automatic, or it could be linked to employee performance in some way. But by getting a pay raise, most people would be thinking of a raise that was higher than a routine or annual increment. 

To achieve this, there needs to be focus on value, so that there is recognition of the value you bring to the organization. There may be opportunities for promotion, which would attract higher pay, or there may be other opportunities for bonus payments. 

Ways of operating vary greatly by organization, and also by the size of organization. If your organization is not a commercial entity, it may be harder to measure value and obtain a pay raise based on performance, so a promotion may be the best strategy.

Some roles are task based, and some are performance based, or can be a combination of the two. If your role is performance based it could be easier to get a pay raise as this is likely to be already set out.

If your role is task based, your focus should always be on the highest priority tasks so that you can add more value. As you build momentum, new higher priority tasks may come your way. And greater responsibility can lead to greater reward.

Each article closes with key points, key shifts and key actions.

Key points will cover the key takeaways from the article

Key shifts will highlight key insights and shifts in perception which can help you see how you can achieve the results you are looking for. 

Key actions will outline key steps you need to take to build progress and achieve the results you want. Through the universal law of cause and effect, actions create results by setting up an action – reaction cycle. Therefore new results require new actions.

Key Points
Anyone can learn how to become a more valuable employee

Key Shifts
Earning more does not have to mean working longer hours
Progress can be gradual or accelerated
Becoming a more valuable employee can bring financial security and peace of mind
Because you would always be able to find new employment

Key Actions
Follow the articles and action steps, take a moment to reflect on the universal law of cause and effect and how your actions create your results

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