Location Freedom – Making Money Online

Depending on what your income goals are, you can work from home, make money online and achieve location freedom. You can choose to be more hands off by building a team and delegating social media management work to your team, rather than fulfilling the work yourself. You can also offer full services including design and pay per click campaign management.

Now that you have a proven and repeatable process to get all the clients you want and need, you can simply repeat the process to achieve your goals.

You can also look at partnership opportunities, for example with web designers or other marketing agencies who can refer clients to you.

For true passive income, you need to break the link between time and money. As there are only so many hours in a week, time can limit income, unless you are delegating work to someone else to complete.

Breaking the link between time and money can remove limits which are linked to time.

scaling and passive income

To further increase your income you can also look at building multiple streams that are not linked to time. By breaking the link between time and money you can build true financial freedom, since there is only a limited amount of time in a working week, time can limit your income. By building passive income, you can break the link between time and money. 

You can access free training on how to break the link between time and money and find out how to increase your income.

Key Points
You can increase your income and scale up by building a team
You can also increase your income by breaking the time-money link

Key Shifts
You can choose your own income goals and work towards them
You can scale your income through client work and by building passive income streams

Key Actions
Discover how you can break the link between time and money, and start building momentum.