How To Increase Your Income Your Potential

Always do your work to the best of your ability, and you will naturally attract greater opportunities, more responsibility and eventually greater reward. Through becoming more effective, and bigger than your present role you will attract new opportunities. 

To help you do your work to the best of your ability, make a list of the key components of your role, what are the key areas and what are the skills and abilities you need to complete the work? Rate your current ability against these areas and look at how you can increase your skills and abilities. Break down any areas which are task based and which are performance based. How can you improve your performance?

You will become more influential, people will notice and will want to know how you are accomplishing your work, they will ask for your opinion and you will become the person they want to give new responsibilities and opportunities to. Doing your best will also enhance your confidence and satisfaction. 

While it’s important to do your work to the best of your ability, and work on the highest priority areas first, it’s also important to be aware of perfection and knowing when a task is complete, as perfection can lead to procrastination. You should also focus on doing your best – not being the best and comparing yourself to others. Focus on creating, not competing.

Key Points
Anyone can do their best
Avoid the perfection – procrastination trap

Key Shifts
Doing your best is rewarding and can lead to new opportunities
Doing your best means doing your best and does not mean “being the best”

Key Actions
Plan your actions, do your best and work on the highest priority areas

Become A Problem Solver
Build your initiative and seek out better ways of doing things. There are always better ways to do things. Ask for more responsibility and become a “Fixer” or problem solver. Always be looking for better ways to do things, and finding solutions to problems. 

For a problem to be a problem, there has to be a solution, otherwise it would not be a problem. Become known as someone who can fix and solve problems, and you will increase your value. This approach can also make your work more rewarding and satisfying.

If you are a valuable employee, your employer will not want to lose you to a competitor. Being a highly effective employee will make you indispensable and will give you confidence and peace of mind in your ability to earn an income.

Key Points
Problems always have solutions

Key Shifts
There are always better ways of doing things

Key Actions
Think about what problems you can solve

Create your success action plan

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