Client Attraction Secrets

This article will show you the secrets on how to get new clients, and is based on decades of signing new high paying clients and serving those clients. The famous quote “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” also holds true for learning how to get clients. Learn this skill and it will serve you for life, giving you the ability to create your own income on your terms, anytime, anywhere and regardless of the economy.

How To Get More New Clients For Your Business

Client Getting Secrets

This article is the shortcut I wish I had when I first started out, it certainly would have made things a lot easier, faster and less stressful. I learnt and discovered everything about how to get clients through trial and error. So my gift to you is to share this knowledge and the secrets on how to get new clients as easily and quickly as possible, so that you can focus on serving your clients and providing outstanding service. This information makes the process straightforward and repeatable and there is no cold contact or any cold calling whatsoever. So you can just rinse and repeat until you have all the clients you want and need. If you want to scale up you can also create a business and delegate fulfillment activities to your team.

Once you know how to get clients, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you can always generate the income you want. Client getting skills are also very valuable as generating sales is the most important activity for a business, so you will have high value skills which are transferable.

The 5 Keys To Client Attraction Success

There is a lot of information in this article, and if you only remember 5 things from this article – let it be the following five points, as these will set you up for success as fast as possible:

1. Ask the best questions

2. Start with the low hanging fruit – people who are looking for what you do

3. Use recommended resources to find new clients who are already looking for your services 

4. Set aside time to talk to new potential clients every week so you always have a flow of new clients

5. Ensure you have a high quality fulfillment process so that you retain clients long term and build a reputation for being the best – this alone can bring you all the clients you want

Low Hanging Fruit – How To Get Clients Fast

Talk to people already looking for your service. The easiest way to get new clients is to start with people who are already looking for your services. This way you will always have a steady flow of new clients. Talking to people who are not looking for your services or who are not ready to buy can be a waste of time and energy. Focus on those who need and want your services and you can grow your business much faster. You can find people who are searching for your services at recommended resources where you can browse service requests. You can also multiply your business with remote clients, and you can serve clients nationwide or worldwide.

Make Time To Talk To New Clients

Make sure you make the time to talk to new clients every week – eventually you may build up a waiting list of clients. If you are always talking to new clients – you will always have a pipeline of new clients. You should also define your sales process. Have a process to generate new leads and inquiries and a process to convert those leads into clients. This could be an email followed by a phone call or consultation. Write down your process so that you can build on it to convert more leads into clients.

Ask The Best Questions – The Rinse And Repeat Secret To Closing Clients 

If you ask all the right questions, and the best questions, you will gain a clear understanding of your client’s requirements. This will give them increased confidence in your services, while at the same time naturally take them through your sales process, making it easier and faster to close new client deals. I am naturally interested in detail and asking the right questions, and I know this has enabled me to secure many new clients where others have not. In fact, on many occasions, clients have said to me that I have asked all the right questions, and the best questions out of anyone they have spoken to, some clients have even said that others just said “Yes we can do XYZ and we can start right now” and how this type of reply gave them zero confidence. Do this with genuine interest in their requirements so that you can understand their needs and goals, and by serving your clients and helping them to achieve their goals, you will achieve your own goals. You can access free checklists at and examples of questions to ask for business and consumer clients.

Providing Greater Service

If you focus on providing an excellent service, you will naturally and easily attract all the clients you want and need. You will build a reputation as the go-to person in your field. It takes time to establish your reputation but by focusing on serving your clients, they will naturally start referring others to you without you even having to ask for referrals. Contrast this with someone providing an OK or average service, they may spend the majority of their time chasing new clients, whereas switching to providing an outstanding service would take most if not all of the “client getting” work out of the equation. Instead the majority of your time would be spent on serving your clients, after a time you could have a waiting list of new clients who want to work with you. This switch of focus is important – because if you focus on serving your clients, you won’t need to focus on getting new clients because this will happen automatically. Your clients will also need you more than you need them – and this is magnetic. Needing clients is not attractive to clients and repels clients, money and opportunities. Provide greater service and you will naturally attract clients and achieve your goals.

Close More Clients Faster By Reducing Friction

Make the process from finding out about your services to signing up as smooth as possible. This means building a professional appearance and having a process to take new prospective clients through, right the way to when they sign up and paying for your services. Accept multiple payment methods from credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, direct deposit and more. Create professional invoices with a payment link. Make sure you have a card processing provider that allows you to take card payments by phone so that you can process payments smoothly and efficiently. Don’t let gaps occur which could affect your closing process. Consider offering payment plans if services have higher prices. Take deposit payments to secure bookings and client commitment.

Client Reviews And Testimonials – Using Social Proof For Client Attraction

Client reviews mean a lot and are very influential to potential new clients. There are many places where clients and customers can post reviews including Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, directory sites and more. Once you have established your reputation as the best in the business, your reviews will speak for themselves and attract all the clients you want and need. Reputation and word of mouth are very valuable. Word of mouth works on a one to one basis, and reviews can work on a one to many basis. Review platforms frequently ask for a star rating of between one and five stars, along with reviews and comments. It’s important to check that reviews received are genuine, and to respond to reviews where relevant. If there are any negative reviews take time to understand why a negative review was written. It’s also important to note that most people don’t take the time to leave a review, and often only do so if they are very happy or very unhappy about a service. You can change this by proactively asking for reviews, and you can also do this in a way which helps to filter out any negative reviews. You can set up a process whereby you contact clients by email after their service has been provided and ask them to email you about the service they have received – this way you can see their feedback. If they are happy with the service provided you can then reply and include a link to your Google business page, asking them to post their review online.

Client Referrals – Multiply Your Business Without Advertising Costs

You can multiply your business by asking for referrals. Some clients will refer friends and family without even being asked if they are happy with the service they have received. You can set up a referral program with a benefit for the person referring and the person being referred, people are much more likely to refer others if both get something in return, rather than being one sided. Imagine how much faster your business could grow if a proportion of your clients all referred new clients to you. Plus these referrals would be free of charge, without any advertising costs. Depending on the benefits you offered there would be a small cost for this, but otherwise this would be new organic growth for your business. The other advantage is that clients who are referred are likely to sign up for your services much faster than a cold prospect as they are warm prospects referred by a trusted source.

Build A Business – Scaling And Achieving Your Goals

Focusing on building a business has various advantages, compared to being self employed or a sole trader. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being the business owner who does everything all the time. Have a business mindset and see where you can delegate different tasks and responsibilities so you can focus on serving your clients and building your business. A business has more value when it is not reliant on one person all the time, and a business built the right way is an asset.

Key Performance Indicators For Business Growth

Knowing your numbers is vital, and setting KPIs or Key Performance Indicators is also helpful in building your business and reaching your goals. What are the inputs and outputs in your business? How many clients do you need per week, or per month to reach your goals? Get to know the key metrics for your business and track what matters – what you focus on expands.

Build Passive Income Streams

If it feels like you are starting from scratch every month, or like being on a hamster wheel, then it’s time to start building passive income streams. Think about your business and how you can generate ongoing revenue compared to one time revenue. For example if you provide a one time service, could you create an ongoing service? This would build a long term client base with recurring monthly income. For example a personal trainer could have an intensive training program followed by a long term maintenance training program, a hypnotherapist could have treatment sessions followed by monthly wellbeing hypnotherapy sessions. You can also use automation and digital assets to build passive income – where you do the work once and leverage the same asset on an ongoing basis. For example an audio or video series delivered automatically as part of a membership program. Once your passive income surpasses your new client income you will have built a true asset. Not only will you be able to achieve your goals, but you will also be providing greater service and serving more clients.