How To Create Your Own Income Stream And Make Money Online From Home

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This article will show you how you can create your own income stream starting from zero, regardless of what is happening with the economy or if there are any opportunities in your field or local area. You will see how you can get closer to the money, have more control and have the freedom to build your ideal way of working. Once you have learned how to create your own income stream, you will have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you can always repeat this as you wish.

Full time income working part time hours?
You can be anywhere and at any time, and have the freedom to generate a full time income without working full time hours. You can choose to do the work yourself, or you can get clients and delegate the fulfillment to a team as you like.

Greater control leads to greater freedom
The closer you are to the money, the more control you have. So if you are the one who is taking on clients and clients are paying you directly, you have more control. And if you are collecting the money you have the freedom to decide if you want to do the fulfillment work or if you want to delegate this and pay a member of your team to do the work. When working in a traditional job, the company has the control because they control the money, that is to say they collect the money from customers.

By collecting the money, not only do you have more control, but you can also take a bigger cut, before deciding whether to fulfill the work yourself, or pay a member of your team to complete the fulfillment work.

Working with clients
If you enjoy the variety of working on different projects, you could create your own income stream by providing services to clients. Which service? This would depend on if you have existing skills and services you provide to clients. If you have an existing service business or skills you can provide your services to clients either locally face-to-face or remotely online.

Serviced based business
If you don’t currently have a service based business, or experience in serving clients, you can learn high value skills like digital marketing and social media marketing and be up and running very quickly. There are many freelancing style websites, but these are not the focus of this site. Fastkorp will show you how to learn new high value skills and find clients who you can work with on a recurring basis or project basis. The goal is to gain high value clients – which you don’t need many of in order to replace a full time income. This site will show you exactly how to get high value clients, and not low value “gig” style clients.

If you have an existing skill, experience or client base your best bet is to stick with this, and read the article on How To Get New Clients As Quickly and Easily As Possible to get all the clients you want and need.

Creating your own income stream
If you don’t have an existing client style skill or business and you want to be able to create your own income stream anywhere, your best bet is to:

  1. Learn online marketing and social media management skills, or
  2. Build high profit partnerships, or
  3. Build passive income streams through affiliate marketing (see the article Affiliate Marketing And Passive Income)

Or combine all three money pathways.

So moving on to the recommended strategies for this article:

How to earn a full time income working part time hours
Learn online marketing and social media management skills or Build high profit partnerships. The advantage services bring in terms of income is that there are no hard costs – so the profit margins are high, which means that you only need a handful of clients to generate a full time income. Unlike selling products which would require stock and fulfillment, with small profit margins, services provide a huge opportunity in terms of earning income. Most clients pay several hundred dollars or over $1,000 per month so you can see how with just a few clients you can build an income stream which is equivalent to or surpasses a full time income, but without working full time hours.

High value skills anyone can learn
Online marketing skills and social media management are high value skills which anyone can learn. Simply by having an awareness of advertising platforms like Google and Facebook, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, studying their advertising guidelines, and looking at case study examples of businesses using social media to communicate with their audience and generate new customers, you would be more knowledgeable than most people. Many people also have a lot of experience in using social media already, and simply by learning about the commercial side you could open up a whole new income opportunity.

Demand for high value skills
There is and always will be huge demand for online marketing and social media management – many businesses outsource these areas of work as they do not have an in-house member of staff who has the time or knowledge to do this work. And – this can easily be outsourced and carried out remotely.

How to get clients
How to get clients is straightforward if you follow the strategies outlined, there is no need to contact businesses cold, or do any cold calling whatsoever. Full details are covered in the next article on How To Get New Clients As Quickly And Easily As Possible.

High profit partnerships
A further opportunity, also linked to online marketing, but without the fulfillment work is to build high profit partnerships. As this site will show you how to get clients quickly – and since getting clients is considered to be harder than the fulfillment side, you can use your new client getting skills to get clients for high profit services like web design and SEO (search engine optimization) and work with a trusted web designer or agency and SEO consultant or agency to fulfill the work. You could get the clients and their full requirements, and have an agreement drawn up with a fulfillment partner who could complete the work. You can deal with the full client liaison and delegate and pay for the fulfillment as per your agreement. Most website projects run into several thousand dollars, and SEO is typically over $1,000 per month recurring. So you can see these services are high value services and provide significant income potential. Obviously you would want to make sure you have a trusted fulfillment partner, and that the work is high quality and meets the client requirement in full so that you can build your reputation as an expert. Your fulfillment partner could also likely provide examples of their work which you could show to potential clients as examples.

Client getting and fulfillment
The key to understand is that the client getting is the part most people find challenging – the fulfillment can be done by anyone with the right skillset. And as Fastkorp will show you how to get clients by focusing on this area, it is possible to build a significant income fast, without having to worry about the fulfillment, as long as you work with a high quality fulfillment partner and agree on the fulfillment side and client deliverables. Once they know you have a steady stream of new clients – they will be very interested in working with you on an ongoing basis. If you take the time to understand your client’s requirements in depth, and if you ensure their requirements are delivered you will gain repeat clients and referrals by becoming known for providing an excellent service.

If you learn how to get clients, you can open doors and create income anywhere and anytime, it’s a skill that can serve you for life. You can also cross sell services to clients to build your recurring income. For example a website client would likely also be interested in SEO, social media and marketing campaigns.

If you also build recurring and passive income – you can achieve true lifestyle freedom. We live in a world of opportunity – which earlier generations simply did not have. By deciding on which pathway is of interest to you, taking action and conditioning your mind for wealth and success you can build your ideal lifestyle.