How To Create Branding and Creatives To Fulfill Digital Services And Attract New Clients

Providing digital marketing and social media services requires the ability to design creatives to be used as posts across relevant social media platforms.

Anyone can design professional social media posts using the right tools, and you do not need to be a graphic designer. Branding and positioning are important for a social media manager. Clients want to have confidence in your skills, and ability help manage and grow their online presence

This means you need to have a strong presence in terms of the creatives you can produce for clients, and also in your own website which clients are likely to look at. Here are some easy ways you can produce expert creatives which will demonstrate your social media skills.

In this chapter we will cover how to design high quality social media creatives. We will also go how you can quickly build a professional website if you need one, as you want to portray a professional image to clients. You can also add information about your services to your site, and add a portfolio or slide deck if you want to share examples or samples.

You should also use a professional branded email address with your business domain name, although this could be a brand name and does not necessarily need to be a business. You should avoid using an informal personal email address such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

how to create marketing creatives

Canva is like a best friend for social media managers – you can design sample creatives to add to your site and social media, in addition to creatives for clients. There are endless possibilities for designs you can create. This includes using stock images with commercial rights for yourself and your clients, editing images into creatives, social media posts for every single platform, videos, icons, animated creatives, banners, presentations, slide decks, invoices and much more – all at Canva.

Canva is one of the leading online design tools and you can produce expert creatives with a simple drag and drop builder, and download your designs ready for posting and publishing.

Assets include a huge stock photo library, templates, graphics, icons, fonts, slide decks, videos, music, special effects and more. Canva has a free and paid monthly membership – click to browse designs and assets – Canva.

how to set up a branded website

If you don't already have a website, Wix provides ready made template sites for marketing and social media pros which you can customise and publish within a few minutes. Click to browse examples – Wix.

Key Points
Marketing and social media design skills are essential

Key Shifts
Anyone can learn to design professional social media creatives

Key Actions
Watch the overview and start designing social media creatives

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